Brandon University Certificate Courses (Programs) Offered 2023-2024

Brandon University Certificate Courses – Programs 2023/2024 and Brandon University Online Application Information.

Brandon University Certificate Courses - Programs.

List of Certificate Courses (Programs) Offered at Brandon University.

Our Certificates in Business Administration and Justice Studies are housed in the Faculty of Arts. For answers to questions regarding these two programs please call  204-727-9790.

Certificate in Business Administration

The Certificate in Business Administration is offered through the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Arts at Brandon University. The program is designed to provide a strong foundation of business concepts in general management, accounting, finance, marketing, and human resource management. It is aimed at those learners with limited or no prior experience in business administration.  The program consists of 30 credit hours of university study. Credits earned in the business certificate program may be transferred to Brandon University’s undergraduate programs.

Certificate in Justice System

The Justice System Certificate (JSC) is offered through the Faculty of Arts with the Departments of Political Science, Sociology, and Native Studies at Brandon University. The JSC is designed to meet the needs of persons who are interested in or currently working within the justice system. The program consists of 30 credit hours of university study. All courses taken in the certificate program are regular credit courses and may be used later for credit toward a B.A., or B.Sc.

Admission to the Certificate in Justice System is handled through the Faculty of Arts and is available to current degree-seeking students. 

Certificate in French Language Proficiency

Two Certificates in French Language Proficiency (CFLP) are offered through the Faculty of Arts with the department of Francophone Studies and Languages at Brandon University. These certificates provide students with the necessary practical and theoretical language skills to become efficient speakers and writers of French in their personal or professional lives. The CFLP I is intended for those students who have limited or no previous knowledge of French, while the CFLP II pathway is intended for students who have acquired high school French. All courses taken in the certificate program are regular credit courses and may be used later for credit toward a B.A. or B.Sc.

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