2023-24 List of Courses (Programs Offered At Bishop’s University

Bishop’s University courses 2023/2024… Here is the complete list of courses – programs offered at Bishops University for all programmes and admission requirements.

Bishop's University courses

We have gathered the full list of courses offered at Bishop’s University Sherbrooke and admission requirements, ranking, and tuition fees, to enable (Prospective candidates, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and International Students, Masters, and graduates) to have knowledge about Bishop’s University.

As usual, Canadigist.com Editors deemed it necessary to publish the officially approved list of courses offered at Bishop’s University as it has become increasingly necessary based on data received as regards the subject matter. Therefore, candidates aspiring to gain admission into the University can go through the information provided.

List of Courses Offered At Bishop’s University

We have grouped all courses under Bishop’s University as outlined below. This will make it easy for you to find your ideal program.

Biblical Studies

REL112 – The Traditions of Ancient Israel
REL114 – Biblical Hebrew I
REL115 – Biblical Hebrew II
REL118 – From Creation to Covenant
REL130 – Jesus and the Gospels
REL131 – Paul’s Letters: The Earliest Christian Documents
REL214 – Israelite Mythology and Cultic Practice
REL215 – History and Legend in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
REL311 – Advanced Study in Biblical Texts
REL328 – Christian Origins I
REL329 – Christian Origins II

World Religions

REL100 – Western Religions
REL101 – Eastern Religions
REL120 – Ancient Greek Mythology
REL122 – Ancient Mediterranean Religions
REL124 – Hinduism: The Many Faces of the Divine
REL125 – Buddhism: The Middle Way
REL126 – Judaism: A Covenant With God
REL127 – Islam: Submission to Allah
REL238 – Greece: Land of the Gods
REL239 – The Prehistoric Origins of Religion
REL254 – Asian Philosophy
REL258 – Indian Philosophy
REL280 – Roman Religion

Approaches, Perspectives and Expressions

REL107 – Archaeology of the Middle East
REL109 – Egypt and Mesopotamia: From the Rise of Civilization to the Persian Conquest
REL148 – Psychology of Religion
REL149 – Sociology of Religion
REL200 – Politics and Religion
REL203 – Early Christian Art and Architecture
REL204 – Women in Religion
REL206 – Apocalypse Then and Now
REL207 – Sex and Religion
REL208 – The Divine and Ultimate Concern
REL232 – Philosophy of Religion I
REL233 – Philosophy of Religion II
REL234 – Introduction to Middle Eastern Politics
REL236 – Death and Dying in the Ancient World
REL237 – Film and Religion
REL241 – The Archaeology of the Transjordan: Archaeological Field Methods
REL330 – Philosophy of Religion and Theology I
REL331 – Philosophy of Religion and Theology II
REL332 – Magic and Divination in the Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Worlds

Independent Studies

REL300 – Independent Studies I
REL301 – Independent Studies II
REL402 – Honours Thesis

Cognate Courses

The following courses in other departments are recognized as Religion cognates (this is not necessarily an exhaustive list; Religion students should consult the Chair of the Religion Department regarding any other courses offered by other departments or programs that they wish to take for Religion credit):

CLA110 – The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
CLA113 – Classical Mythology: The Greek Influence on Rome
DRA211 – Ritual and Theatre
EDU202 – Teaching Ethics and Religious Culture
ENG320 – Sixteenth-Century Poetry and Prose: Exploration and Discovery
ENG350 – Early Victorian Poetry and Prose: Faith in an Age of Doubt
HIS253 – A History of Medieval Europe
HIS278 – A History of the Middle East to 1919
HIS279 – The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
HIS352 – History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIS378 – War and Peace in the Middle East
ITA/LIB 384 – Dante’s Divine Comedy
MUS108 – Choral and Sacred Music
PSY 298 – Zen and the Brain

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