Algoma University International Students Entry Requirements 2022

Algoma University International Students Admissions Requirements 2022-2023.

Algoma University International Students Admissions Requirements

There are different types of requirements that International Students need to meet to qualify for admission at Algoma U. Please review all requirements carefully to ensure timely admission.

Algoma University Admission requirements 2022

Below you will find general admission requirements. Please keep in mind that admission to some degree programs may have prerequisite courses required or recommended. Please refer to the Programs section for this information.


Your admission will be based on your current secondary school curriculum. Please visit our Admission Requirements page and select your secondary school applicant type to ensure you will be meeting our admission requirements.

AP Transfer Credit Eligibility

Applicants who have completed AP exams with a minimum final grade of 4 will be eligible to receive university credit recognition for up to a maximum of 12 credits (or two full courses). Your results must be sent directly from the College Board in order to be considered for credit.

AP Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship consideration will be based on the grades achieved on the current secondary school curriculum. No additional awards are offered for completion of AP courses.

General Certificate of Education (GCE)

Applicants seeking admission on the basis of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) must submit two academic A-Level subjects with grades no lower than D.  Applicants presenting AS Level courses must submit four academic subjects with grades no lower than D.

Advanced Standing*

Algoma University offers advanced standing of 6 credits (2 courses) for each A-Level Course with a grade of C or higher. High performing students with a minimum of three A-Level courses are eligible for further advanced standing, where additional credits may be awarded, as per the chart below:

A – A – A 18 credits earned 12 credits awarded 30 credits (10 courses or one full year)
A – A – B 18 credits earned 6 credits awarded 24 credits (8 courses)
A* – B – B 18 credits earned 6 credits awarded 24 credits (8 courses)
Any combination of three – A, B or C 18 credits earned No additional credit awarded 18 credits (6 courses)

*Students must present the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level. Algoma U does not currently offer advanced standing for completion of AS-Level courses.

A Level Scholarships

Chancellor’s Award Two courses (A* + A) $5,000 renewable
President’s Award Two courses (A* + A) $2,500 non-renewable
Dean’s Award Two courses (A + min. C grade) $1,000 non-renewable
Award of Excellence Two courses (B + min. C grade) $500 non-renewable


  • Successful completion of the IB Diploma with a minimum of 26 points is accepted for admission.
  • Candidates with 28 points or higher qualify for scholarship consideration. Please refer to the chart below for specific range requirements.
  • Upon attainment of 28 points, a minimum grade of 5 in either Standard (SL) or Higher (HL) Level courses is required for consideration of credit transfer.  Transfer credits may be given to a maximum of 30 credits, which is equivalent to year one of full-time study. Credits will be assessed on an individual basis.

International Entrance Scholarships

Chancellor’s Award $5,000 40+
President’s Award $2,500 36 – 39
Dean’s Award $1,000 32 – 35
Award of Excellence $500 28 – 31


To be considered for admission on the basis of the U.S. graduation diploma applicants must submit an official transcript showing successful completion of five Grade 12 academic courses in including English with an overall minimum average of 70% (B).

Applicants with U.S. citizenship completing the graduation diploma will not be eligible for scholarship consideration. They will, however, be eligible to pay Canadian domestic fees. Please refer to the Fees and Financing section on the website for further information.


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