List of Require Documents For Acadia University Graduate Admission

Acadia University Graduate Require Documents… Here is the List of Documents To Be Uploaded For Acadia University Graduate Admission.

Acadia University Graduate Require Documents

Once the on-line application has been submitted and it’s been processed, applicants will receive an automated email with their Acadia ID and instructions on how to login to Acadia Central. When logged in, applicants will see an email address attached to those supporting documents that can be emailed. The ONLY documents that are accepted by email are:

  • Resume
  • Letter of intent (required from M.Ed applicants ONLY). For information on what to include in the LOI, please see:
  • Statement of Intent (required from MSc PSYC applicants ONLY). For information on what to include in the Statement, please see the PSYCsection in the University Calendar.
  • Statement of research interests (required from all applicants EXCEPT M.Ed applicants)
  • Writing sample (required from applicants to our MA programs and MCD program)
  • For International Applicants only: a copy of page 1 and 2 of the passport

When emailing the documents, applicants must ensure that their Acadia Student Number is entered in the subject line of the email. The documents must be sent as a Word or PDF attachment. Please email the above to:[email protected] 

IF APPLICABLE: You can also email a copy of your GRE scores and English Test scores to [email protected] while we wait for the original scores to arrive from the Testing Centre.

The above mentioned documents can also be delivered by mail if that is more convenient. However, PLEASE only submit them once to cut down on the processing time required for each file.

Transcripts and letters of reference are NOT ACCEPTED by email.

Applicants are responsible for MAILING, OR arranging to have mailed directly from the Institution, 1 (one) original, official transcript from EACHpost-secondary institution attended. Official is defined as being issued directly from the original institution. The transcript(s) can be provided to the applicant in a sealed envelope to be mailed with the other supporting documentation for an application OR the transcript(s) can be mailed directly from the institution to Acadia’s Graduate Studies Office.

Applicants must also arrange for the required number of reference letters to be mailed. The letters can be provided to the applicant in a sealed envelope to be mailed with the other supporting documentation for an application OR can be mailed directly to Acadia’s Graduate Studies Office. If there is a required reference form for the degree program, it will be found under the “Downloadable forms” section on this page. Otherwise, a letter on University/company letterhead will suffice. Letters are to arrive in SEPARATE, OFFICIAL envelopes from EACH referee.

Those that need to submit an English Test score (TOEFL/IELTS/CAEL) as part of their application, must arrange for the official score to be mailed from the Testing Centre.

Transcripts, letters of reference, English scores, and GRE scores are to be mailed to:
Acadia University, Graduate Studies, 18 University Avenue, 214 Horton Hall, Box 70, Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R6

WE DO NOT ACCEPT transcripts or letters of reference by email.

Applicants are asked to submit their supporting documentation according to the instructions above. When the instructions are not followed, it takes additional time that can be spent on processing other applicant’s documents.

Applicants can view the list of documents still required for their application by logging into their Acadia Central account ( Once an application is complete, by having followed the instructions, the application will be sent to the dept/school and processed with as much speed and care as possible.

Those applications that are not complete, are not processed.

Therefore, it is an applicant’s responsibility to ensure that ALL supporting documentation required to complete an application is submitted by the deadline (see deadline dates in an above section). As stated above, a file is not assessed nor a decision made until all documents have been received.

Graduate Studies tries to process documents within 3 working days of their arrival; however, during the peak admission season (Oct-Feb) there may be a delay due to the high volume of mail, email, and phone calls. We would appreciate your patience during these times.

When documents have been processed, it will be reflected on Acadia Central.




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