Reasons & How to Start Using Videos on Your Blog

Why You Should Use Video on Your Blog & How to Start Using Videos on Your Blog.

Using Video on Blog

When creating a blog, you will want your page to be instantly captivating and appealing to your viewers. With technology forever advancing, there are many ways to help your blog stand out such as by using video. Here are a few reasons on why you should use video on your blog.

Video Tutorials

With many of the population being visual learners, having video tutorials on your blog can be incredibly beneficial for your audience. Having a step-by-step guide can help your viewers understand what you are trying to get across. Video tutorials have become increasingly popular with a wide range of topics covered, meaning that whatever content your blog provides, you are sure to be able to create interesting and relevant tutorials to match. You are also able to use video tutorials on hosting providers like WordPress.


Having vlogs and video summaries on your blog can help you summarize everything you are trying to get across in one simple clip. Make sure that you summarize the main points of your article in a video and then go on to elaborate on those posts below in writing. This approach works well as short videos tend to get the most engagement. If you do not have a lot of time, you can solely stick to creating vlogs that are able to summarize all your content. There are many things you will need to consider when making video content.

About Us Video

Known as the most visited page on any blog or website, the about us page is typically straight after your home page. Creating an about us video lets your customers and viewers know what your blog is about, what you are trying to get across, and ways you can help buy into a certain product. However, try to keep the video as short as possible as viewers tend to lose interest if the clip is too long. You are about us video should be focused primarily on your brand.

Sharing Video Reviews

With video reviews across the internet for every product imaginable, you can help promote your blog by sharing video reviews on your page. To do this, you can either add a couple of reviews to your about us page or simply share them as a blog post. If your products have been reviewed by popular YouTube channels, creating a press page and inserting the reviews there can drum up interest.

How to Use Video

To use video on your blog, you will need to look at the two options available for you. These are to either host the videos yourself or to embed YouTube videos on your blog. While self-hosting can be expensive, there are plenty of providers available that can help make your blog stand out. If you choose to embed YouTube videos, make sure to look at websites like Black Smoke Media who incorporate YouTube videos such as their review on the Black First Gen Cummins.

With so many benefits to using video on your blog, make sure that you take the time to research into your specific market so that you can get a better understanding on what your competitors are doing. You will want to create eye-catching and relevant video content to ensure your blog becomes and stays successful.





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