Bishop’s University Scholarships 2024-2025 Application Process

Bishop’s University Scholarships 2024-2025 for Canadian and International Students.

Bishop's University Scholarships

The Bishop’s University Scholarships online application information is published here. All interested and eligible applicants should apply directly for this opportunity before the application deadline.

Bishop’s University Scholarships application form, requirements, eligibility, qualifications needed, how to apply, closing date, and other important scholarship links are published here on as obtained from the official opportunity website or portal.

About Bishop’s University Scholarships

Entering Students:

At Bishop’s we have two main categories for all entering students: competitive admission scholarships; and our awards and bursaries.

Bishop’s University Scholarships Application Details

Competitive Scholarships

Our scholarships range in value from $500-$20,000 per academic year. Some are renewable for your entire time at Bishop’s (renewal conditions apply), while others are one time awards that you can receive either as a new student or a continuing student. To be considered, all you need to do is complete your online application for admissions by March 1st and have all your supporting documents submitted to us no later than March 15th. We will then review all applicants and make scholarship offers soon thereafter.

Michael Goldbloom Excellence Scholarship

The Michael Goldbloom Excellence Scholarships, valued at $10,000 per year (renewable), are intended to recognize and reward students with outstanding academic records who personify Bishop’s fundamental values – sound learning, good citizenship, community, discovery, excellence, and sustainability. To learn more please visit the Michael Goldbloom Excellence Scholarship web page.

Awards and Bursaries

Our awards and bursaries program range from $800-$8,000 per academic year. Most of these awards and bursaries are one time non-renewable available to entering students only. To be considered, all you need to do is complete your online application for admissions and complete the online awards and bursaries application by March 1st. We will then review all applicants with complete admission files and make awards and bursaries offers soon thereafter. In addition to academic merit, these awards may also consider leadership, extra-curricular activities and financial need. The awards and bursaries form is available in December.

For a complete listing of scholarships, awards and bursaries please view the Academic Calendar.

Returning Students:

Awards and Bursaries

The criteria of eligibility are as follows:

  1. All Canadian, Permanent Residents and International students will be considered.
  2. You must be registered full-time (minimum 12 credits) in both Fall and Winter semesters of the year allocated.
  3. You must be in good academic standing (cum. average of 55% or better).
  4. You must demonstrate financial need and may also be eligible for a more specific award based on your situation.
  5. You must maintain full-time status and a fall 70% average to be eligible to receive the remainder of their awards/bursary in the winter semester.
  6. You must be a returning student. To be considered a returning student, you had to be registered in the Winter 2022 at Bishop’s university.

PROCEDURE: (only one application required)

  1. Complete each section of the application form.
  2. Describe your financial need and your situation as it applies to the criteria of the awards (see below).
  3. Provide copies for proof of income for yourself and your parents. If you are married, you must provide proof of income for your spouse in place of your parents. If you re in a unique situation and are not able to provide proof of parents/spouse, please detail your situation so the committee knows why you did not provide income proof.
  4. Submit your online application by May 1, 2023. Scan proof of income documents and send to: [email protected] by May 15, 2023 – please send only 1 email with all supporting proof. DO NOT send any documents with a visible SIN number-please black those out!
  5. Only complete applications with supporting documents will be considered.
  6. Recipients will be notified the week of August 15, 2023 via their BU email.

Deadline to apply: May 1, 2023

For a complete listing of scholarships, awards and bursaries please view the Academic Calendar.

All Awards and Bursaries are disbursed in two equal installments once in the Fall and the balance in the Winter provided you are registered in a minimum 12 credits each semester. The funds are allocated to your student account after the add/drop deadline each semester.

If you need further information, please contact the Bursar [email protected].

For more detailed information, visit the Bishop’s University Scholarships Page.

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